LQ@SK (Laurent Quenioux at Starry Kitchen)

In the L.A. dining scene, Laurent Quenioux is a force to be reckoned with, receiving nothing but praise for his restaurant Bistro LQ.  Now that Bistro LQ has shuttered its doors, (for reasons unbeknownst to myself and the public), Laurent is “popping up” all over the city to enlighten diners with his ambitious and whimsical french-inspired cuisine.  My brother and I went to the Pop-up restaurant LQ@SK, Quenioux’s stint at downtown lunch spot Starry Kitchen.  Like all good art, this meal was thought-provoking, sparking conversation about each dish and its unlikely components and preparation between my dining partner and I.  It was also $45 for six courses, and B.Y.O.B.  You heard me, $45.


Sea Snail with Soy Butter, Rabbit Albondiga, Shiso

Hamachi with summer veg, meyer lemon curd, black sesame soil, herbs and seaweed

Carlsbad Oysters and Mussels, kimchi sabayon, tempura chinese celery, cauliflower

Mu shu Foie Gras

Squab, veal feet, ginger cone boudin noir, apple, mashed potatoes...and amazing mushrooms (I don't know what kind they were)...:(

Squab leg...mmm

Rhubarb, hazelnut, curacao cube, sour cream mousse

Make your reservations here.  Due to the nature of the “pop up” restaurant, LQ@SK will be over soon, and ressies are going fast!

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